Cearmed has partnered with Natalie Balmond, founder of the award winning Balmonds skincare range. Natalie used her expertise to create a range of skincare products for people with eczema and sensitive skin. She is committed to creating high quality skincare products, harnessing the power of natural ingredients. Passionate about the benefits of CBD, Natalie has used her experience and technical prowess to create a unique range of skincare products, designed for optimal results. The result is From The Leaf.

We are proud of our range of safe, effective, and natural range of CBD oils. From the outset we aimed to ensure the highest quality, carefully monitoring the whole process from seed to shelf to bring you the purest CBD oil to support your wellbeing.

We are based in the UK with suppliers and distributors worldwide. We work closely with carefully selected partners to ensure you get all the benefits of CBD. The farmers we work with are all GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified, while our extraction facility is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) registered, which means our CBD oils are of the highest standard.

Cearmed is totally committed to the highest standards of production. We test the soil to check that it’s free of contaminants prior to seeding. Crop samples are taken throughout the growing period to ensure the plants are healthy; this is followed by further testing after the extraction process. Each stage is vital to delivering the highest quality CBD products to support a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Our recovery range is formulated by a GMP facility and achieves very positive results for our customers.


All batches are lab tested by a third party, so our customers know exactly what’s in our oils. Soil testing for heavy metals and toxicological reports are carried out too.

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